Nexus Pro Review by Vaping Daily

May 29, 2019

Nexus Pro Review by Vaping Daily

Nexus Pro Vaporizer Review

Nexus Pro review by vapingdaily

The Nexus Pro Vaporizer is a vape pen for concentrates and extracts. It is the first of its’ kind with a magnetic connecting charging port and a stainless steel body. This pen uses two types of atomizers to give powerful, yet smooth hits. It is ultra portable and comes with the vape pen, two types of atomizers, a magnetic charger, and a dabbing tool. Is easy to assemble, good-looking, and long-lasting- a vaporizer that truly stands out above the rest. Main features of the Nexus Pro Vaporizer include a stainless steel finish, magnetic connecting pieces and charging port, two types of atomizers, and a 650 mAh battery with a quick charge. It is compact and includes a durable glass mouthpiece with a splash guard. The Nexus Pro is for concentrates only and has four different temperature settings.

Perfect for beginners, it is easy to use and does not skimp out on quality, like other easy-to-use vape pens tend to do. Nexus Pro is a great mid-price pen that gives a whole new definition to the term “efficient”.

Nexus Pro Vaporizer for Wax


Two is Better Than One

The Nexus Pro uses two different types of atomizers, a Ceramic DisQ II and a Dual Titanium Crystal Quartz atomizer. The Ceramic DisQ II provides a full taste and gives users incredibly smooth hits. It also has temperature control capability and a deep-seated chamber. The Dual Titanium Crystal Quartz atomizer generates a powerful hit and creates huge clouds. These atomizers work together to create a powerful yet smooth hit, increasing the quality of the vapor. Nexus Pro has 4 different heat settings and heats a little lower than other vape pens on the market, however, that is not necessarily a bad thing- it allows consumers to enjoy hidden flavors of the concentrate that only come out when heated at a lower, slower rate.


Nexus Pro magnetic dab pen


Sleek and Discrete Nexus Pro

Made of stainless steel, the Nexus Pro is modeled to be a chic addition to anyone’s vaporizer collection. It is lightweight and just under 5 inches long, making it easy to conceal in any pocket or bag. Despite its size, the device is incredibly sturdy- the stainless steel protects the vape while giving it a sleek, modern look. The mouthpiece is made of strong glass with a splash guard, which prevents any heated concentrate from hitting the user’s mouth. The Nexus Pro is incredibly compact, can be hidden easily, and will blend in with any other belongings, making bringing it everywhere a non-issue. Designed with stealth and style in mind, the Nexus Pro is a vaporizer user will feel good using anywhere.


Nexus Pro Dab Pen by Qloud Up


Nexus Pro: The Final Verdict

The Nexus Pro vape pen is a small yet sturdy device that uses unique magnetic connectors to make vaping concentrates easier than ever. The low and slow heating method increases vapor quality and brings out the true flavors of the concentrate. Nexus Pro’s ½ gram chamber and 650 mAh battery with a quick charge make it a long lasting option. It is not too expensive and provides a top quality vapor, which makes the Nexus Pro a great investment for any vaper. The biggest appeal to this vape is definitely the ease to which it is assembled via magnetic connectors. It is the first vape pen to use this kind of technology, making it stand out from the competition.



  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Large chamber
  • Long battery life and quick charge
  • Ceramic DisQ II and a Dual Quartz atomizers
  • Sleek, sturdy, and discrete


  • Concentrates only (no dry herb or oils)
  • Not compatible with other Micro USB chargers



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