Why Nexus?

January 24, 2017

Why Nexus?

It’s simple. Priced the same, would you drive a Toyota or Beemer? No intents of taking any jabs at Toyota, but just an example. Let me start with why the name “nexus.” The definition of the term “nexus” means the connection of 2 or more things; with that said, the nexus dab pen does more than just 1 thing.

I’ll start with some of the major highlights and features about the nexus pen to support my opening sentence. For starters, we all know dabbers have a bunch of personal preferences such as, certain types and ways of medicating. If you’re in the market for a dab pen of this type, please pay attention to detail and don’t be fooled with all the main-stream advertising. With the nexus pen, you get 3 DIFFERENT types of coils that come
included with every purchase. You get an ALL-Ceramic, Single Coil, and Dual Coil Atomizers…all cross-compatible with the nexus vape pen! So depending on the type of concentrate you’re using, you can switch from one coil to the other depending on preference! This is just super rad isn’t it? Wait, I’m not finished! All the coils are super deep and can fit a ton of material. They’re made with the some of the best quality
components which in return prevent you from having to replace them frequently.

On to my favorite part…the nexus pen features a 20 second drag!! No more having to re-fire your pen after the 10 seconds! This was so annoying – I mean come on, by the time the chamber heats up, it already takes about 5 seconds, and another 5 seconds the pen goes off!? That’s a HUGE no, no for me! The 20 second drag feature is another crusher in my book of why I think the nexus pen is the BEST dab pen on the market today!
Another really cool feature that the nexus vape pen has is that you don’t have to disassemble your pen to charge your battery! Jeez, I mean come on people – we all know how frustrating it is to charge one of your favorite toys and wait for it to finish charging. Well guess what? You can charge while you medicate now with
the nexus pen! Comes with a super cool and sleek case that fits your battery, atomizers, mouthpiece, charging cables, etc. You can take this thing around everywhere you go – super convenient, discreet, and most of all – my favorite part is that the case is small enough to easily and comfortably fit your pocket. The battery has 3 different heat settings – all three carefully selected. Oh, and before I forget to mention, the battery comes

Am I forgetting to mention anything else? Wait, I think I am. All of this for $79.99? WHAT? How? Do your research! The nexus vape pen doesn’t limit you to just 1 type of way of medicating. You simply DO MORE – and by DOING MORE, YOU PAY LESS. I hope I’ve said enough to support my opening statement.

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